mood boosting sweet potato toast two ways

this sweet potato toast is done in two ways – catering to both sweet and salty flavours! the superfood ingredients in each toast support elevated and balanced mood. 

sweet potatoes contain nutrients that support healthy blood sugar regulation, as well as have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. balancing our blood sugar is one of the quickest ways to see improvement when it comes to our mood because we are supporting the slow release of glucose into our bloodstream, avoiding any “hangry” symptoms (such as negative mood or energy crash). 

hemp seeds and sunflower seed butter are both great sources of healthy fat, which also support balanced blood sugar. 

choco chaga infused sunflower seed butter + banana

choco chaga superfood shaker contains: 

  • lucuma, which supports balanced blood sugar

  • chaga mushroom, for energy

  • cacao, for anti-stress (as it’s a great source of magnesium) 

  • maca, for hormonal support (hormones play a big role in mood)

smashed avocado with lion’s mane + hemp seeds

lion’s mane is excellent for cognitive function and relief from anxiety, both supportive to a happier mood and overall sense of wellbeing.  

recipe by Jen Miller of Glowing Minds Wellness

serves: 1


1 medium sweet potato

1 avocado, lightly mashed

1 tbsp fresh lime juice

½ tsp garlic powder

½ tsp pink sea salt

½ tsp lion’s mane mushroom powder

1 tbsp hemp seeds

2 tbsp sunflower seed butter (can sub nut butter)

1 tsp choco chaga superfood shaker

½ banana, sliced


1. prepare the sweet potato by washing it and cutting into thin slices (the thicker the slice, the longer it will take to cook)

2. pop your sweet potato slices into a toaster and toast for two rounds, or sauté in a pan on medium heat, flipping every couple of minutes until soft through

3. for your savory toast, lightly mash avocado and mix with lime juice, garlic powder, salt and lion’s mane. top sweet potato with your mixture and finish with hemp seeds

4. for your sweet toast, combine sunflower seed butter with choco chaga superfood shaker. top your sweet potato with the mixture, finish with sliced banana and another sprinkle of choco chaga.