warning: lots to read

why organic?

conventionally grown herbs/food are heavily + routinely sprayed with chemicals that we absolutely do not want anywhere in or near our body + your health is as important to us as our own so we will not compromise on this. many of our customers are looking to heal dis-ease within their body + it is of utmost importance to us at The Gut Lab to help them do that by offering healing ingredients that will not contribute to leaky gut, hormonal imbalance, or add to their toxic load in any way. 

what is a superfood?

while we'd like to say it's a class of food that wear cool little capes, alas that's not the truth. superfoods are foods (or herbs/mushrooms) that are considered super in their healing or nutrient profile, more so than other foods that don't wear little hero costumes.

what is an adaptogen?

okay what the heck is an adaptogen? it’s a hot word that’s being used a lot these days but what is it + why should you care?

simplified: adaptogens are a class of substances that allow our body to adapt to stress. it won't take away the stress in your life, but they are known to help return our systems as a whole back in to balance, which is our natural state of being + where we are free to live without dis-ease. plus they adapt to YOUR individual needs! (read more on our adaptogens 101 here)

the term “adaptogen” was first coined in 1947 by the Russian scientist, N.V. Lazarev as a substance that shows a nonspecific enhancement of our body’s innate ability to resist any stressor- whether the stress we’re experiencing be from lack of sleep, environmental toxins (all of us!), taking on too much in our every day lives (the society we live in), + even our beauty/hygiene regime or what we consume on a daily basis (reading ingredient labels has never been so important!).

used in Traditional Chinese + Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, adaptogenic substances have been shown to allow our body to stay within it’s naturally harmonious state of being by helping us to gently adapt according to our own body’s individual needs. they’re known to offer support + modulate our ever bombarded immune + adrenal system aiding us in balancing the persistent stress + fatigue most of us know all too well. 

an adaptogen is a natural substance that is require to cover a few bases to fall into this category.

  • has to be non toxic to the person consuming it

  • it has to be normalizing to the body - bringing our body back to homeostasis - always back in to balance

  • it works in a non-specific way in the body - adapting to your needs wherever that may be making you more adaptable to your stressors.

adaptogens are really hot right now because of their ability to help us to adapt to stress (hello world). high cortisol or low cortisol? adaptogens help regulate this stress hormone - and help to release it only when it’s needed which is key. these bad boys (and girls) have been used to help with mental alertness + clarity, + energy all the while calming the system at the very same time. 

some examples of adaptogens: chaga mushroom, reishi mushroom, ashwagandha, astragalus, schisandra berry, shatavari root (to name a few!).

what is an elixir?

an elixir is a simple + effective way to get all of the healing, medicinal goodies into your body. when we talk about elixirs, we're speaking about the nourishing drinks made with a base, healthy fat, + superfoods, however anything truly healing that you put in or on your body can be called an elixir so you may hear or read this term a lot!

what are potions?

The Gut Lab potions are a blend of 6-8 organic powdered roots, herbs, fruits, + healing mushrooms created to supercharge your smoothies, shakes, soups, salad dressings, sauces, raw desserts + elixirs, or sprinkle in an oatmeal, chia seed pudding + favourite veggie dish (so, basically everything + anything)! 

is it ok to mix different potions together?

you bet, we do recommend starting with 1 or 2 though - more isn't always better so find what makes sense for you! alternatively maybe trying a ritual such as starting your day with green6 potion, adding rise potion to your coffee, + then ending your day with a sunshine. get to know what your body loves slowly, + confidently.

will potions keep me up at night?

our potions are designed to give you more energy throughout the day but not to be stimulating in that they keep you up like caffeine can, some may even support a restful night. that being said, everyone is so different + you may find that using the potions earlier in the day may be better for you.

are potions safe for children?

before giving anything new to your child especially herbs, we always recommend checking each ingredient to make sure it is suitable specifically for them. some of our potions we would not recommend for children, however the green6, rise, + sunshine are great places to begin!

are potions safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

we always recommend checking out each ingredient before diving in if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to make sure it is suitable for your personal use. generally speaking her potion + rise potion are good places to begin with. you're welcome to contact us directly for more information, + as always, please consult with your medicine professional.

when do potions expire?

though they wont ever "go bad", the potency will decrease. we recommend using within 1 year of manufacture date found on the bottom of the jar. we encourage you to use daily, which means the potion should last between 4-6weeks.

why don’t potions dissolve?

our potions are made with whole food ingredients that sometimes do not dissolve fully. give your mug a little swishy swish near the bottom to get any that may have settled on the bottom. we find adding yummy coconut butter in your elixir can help with this or adding to a smoothie or home made breakfast parfait/energy bites if it really bums you out. alternatively you can try adding a little less and see if that helps.

what do potions taste like?

each of our potions all have their own unique flavour profile! we do not add any sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or additives to our products so what you are consuming is pure, pure health. with that being said, admittedly some do not taste all that great (ahem, green6) however we've offered a recipe for each + you can find these as you roll over each potion on our website, as well as listed flavour notes for each if you visit their shop page.

can you recommend one for me to start with?

fan faves include rise potion (for coffee!), sunshine (golden drink!), green6 (so green!). alternatively if there is something specific you're working on we have write ups for each potion on their shop pages to help guide you. please make sure they are suitable for you by checking the ingredients on our website before purchasing! 

do all potions contain adaptogens?

all of our potions except for green6 (so fresh + so green, green!) have at least one adaptogen within.

what are some key ingredients + supplies I should keep in the house to make elixirs?

plant mylks or teas for a base (ginger, tulsi, black, rooibos - whatever you like!) coconut or cacao butter, raw organic honey or maple syrup to sweeten if desired. we recommend whipping it all up in a high speed blender but whisking on the stove top works just as well! your intuition + a fav mug will serve you well also.

to learn more about our complete range (easier to digest than going from product to product on our shop page), please download our product guide here!