this liquid gold has been made since the days of old (we're talking really old), but it wasn't until recently that we started to look at the healing benefits of this ancient elixir. so, what exactly is it good for and why do we want to drink it? 

hello collagen!  

better than botox, bone broth is super rich in collagen which is required for optimal health essentially everywhere in our body. from skin + hair to internal organs, ligaments, + joints, from the time we're in our mother's womb until we're old and grey. 

Super sealer

bone broth ''heals + seals'' the mucosal lining of our small intestine. this supports our immune system + can help immensely with leaky gut which presents itself in common digestive issues, as well as auto-immune disorders such as celiac's disease, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, + crohn's disease to name a few. 

Smooth operator

it contains the amino acids essential in creating + even rebuilding worn out cartilage. plus it decreases inflammation + pain in our joints making them healthy, happy, + ready for adventure! 

Brain Food

bone broth contains ample amounts of glutamine which is superfood for our brain! it can help those suffering with depression, anxiety, irritability, or mood swings. plus it can even help calm you before bed + sleep more soundly. 

happy mama

during pregnancy, women are naturally deficient in glycine, an amino acid essential for a healthy fetus. thankfully bone broth is full of it! glycine is also important for wound healing, making bone broth the perfect healing drink for every mama postpartum. 

Refuel - Top Power!

hey athletes - whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, it is the perfect way to refuel your body post workout. it helps stimulate muscle building + repair and provides your body with vitamins + minerals too. essentially our go-to magic potion.

the nitty gritty on our organic bone broth - 

+ what sets The Gut Lab apart from all the other broth guys? 

our bone broth is simmered for 24 hours drawing out all the nutrients from the bones, using all locally sourced organic bones + veg. we sample every batch individually before packaging to ensure the best taste.  

at The Gut Lab we come from a number of different backgrounds in health + wellness + know the importance of viewing the body as a whole. we recognize there is no one size fits all healing method. with that being said we strive to make our broth available to as many people as possible + encourage it to play a vital role in your bigger health plan. our broth is friendly for those on paleo + AIP diets, + we use 100% gluten free ingredients*.   

we’re seriously passionate about getting you a delicious broth made with the best quality ingredients available, so you can begin + continue your journey to every day vibrant health. 

+ hey, where’s the apple cider vinegar? 

the very popular belief is that by adding vinegar (usually apple cider vinegar) to your broth you are helping draw out all the nutrients.  however, after extensive research we have learned that adding any type of vinegar/acid to your simmering bone broth actually denatures + unbinds the proteins, which you don’t want as this creates glutamic acid- or what you might know better as MSG, an excitatory neurotransmitter. 

do not stress! by simmering our bones for 20 hours we are drawing out every last nutrient those bones have to offer- all the while keeping the proteins intact. win win! 

+ who can drink bone broth? 

young kids, older kids, adults who act like kids, pregnant women, your grandma, spouse, + mailman. unless there is an ingredient in our broth that you know you should not consume (please check!), you can probably drink it. 

we’d like to say it’s for everyone- however there is that certain small percentage that bone broth may not agree with- so if that’s you, please listen to your body! nothing is one size fits all. if you have questions or concerns, please get in touch with us! 

+ when should i drink my bone broth? 

when you wake up, before bed, + any time in between. it might be something you look forward to as a night cap, or along side your coffee in the am. ideally we encourage people to drink about a cup with every meal to assist in digestion, assimilation, + absorption of nutrients but ultimately it’s up to you! have a favourite way to drink your bone broth? we want to hear about it!! 

+ how much should i drink? 

the answer to this question varies from person to person. as we said in the previous question, a cup with every meal would be ideal for preventative health. 

that being said, if you’re looking to heal something in particular (ie. rheumatoid arthritis, crohn’s, recovering from surgery/injury, or just had a baby) we’d encourage you to drink more in a day to assist in your healing process. 

+ don’t hold the (good) salt! 

we get asked about salt a lot. 

there’s no question salt has gotten a seriously bad rap over the last number of years- everyone is trying to reduce sodium intake. did you know GOOD salt actually exists? and our body actually NEEDS it? we use pink himalayan salt in our broth, which is full of 84 trace minerals (including iron, zinc, calcium, + magnesium)- all of which our body NEEDS for optimal function

+ what’s the best way to thaw + heat up my bone broth? 

please thaw your bone broth in your fridge + heat through (don’t allow to come to a simmer) in a sauce pan. 

exnay on the microwave-ay. 

+ what is your bone broth making process? 

okay, we’ll let you in on our top-secret broth making process. 

we’re proud to source our certified organic chicken bones + feet from sunworks farm located here in Alberta! our organic produce is also sourced locally. we like to keep things close to home, + we know you do too. 

first we gently simmer our bones in filtered water for 24 hours + add carrot, celery, onion, bay leaves, parsley, rosemary, + himalayan salt. then we strain our broth, measure it into jars, sprinkle a little extra love on top + cap it up. don’t tell anyone. 

+ what other ways can i use my bone broth?

sautee greens in some broth, as a base for soups + stews, crack a couple eggs into your vitamix with some bone broth, a couple tbsp to your smoothie- the possibilities are endless! 

please check out our lab blog for inspiring recipes, created by our friends in the Calgary community. if you think you’ve come up with something brilliant- please tell us about it! 

+ how long will my bone broth keep? 

we make our bone broth + freeze it immediately- it will be good for six months in your freezer. there are no preservatives in our broth so once you’ve thawed it- please keep it refrigerated and use within five days.  

+ pregnancy + bone broth

congratulations! bone broth contains ample amounts of glycine which women are naturally deficient in during pregnancy + is essential for a healthy fetus! glycine also aids in wound healing making bone broth the perfect daily drink for healing postpartum. it helps with digestion + absorption of nutrients when sipped on along side a meal, and is a nourishing comfort drink that may help lull you off to sleep.