the divine woman


{the divine woman}

recipe by: The Gut Lab

serves 1-2

inspired by #internationalwomensday , this deeply nourishing elixir with hints of florals + chocolate is made with an infusion of nutrient dense nettle leaves,  antioxidant + immune supportive goji berries, a womens bff red raspberry leaf + healing elder flower for the base.

an herbal infusion is made by pouring hot water (not yet boiling) over dried herbs (parts of the plant used for infusions: leaves, stem, berry, flowers) lightly covered with a lid in a vessel (glass, ceramic etc) + allowing the healing constituents of the herbs to infuse into the water. we like to make our infusions before bed, and allow them to steep until morning. 

for the infusion:

1T dried nettle leaves

1T red raspberry leaves

1T dried goji berries (or more if you'd like)

2tsps dried elderflower


add your herbs to a quart jar, + pour hot filtered the herbs water over to fill the jar. lightly cover the jar + leave 3+ hours - overnight. strain + drink right away, sip on it throughout the day, use as a base for smoothies, or store in the fridge and sip on it over the next few days! 

for the elixir:

1 cup herbal infusion for your base

1/2 tsp maca lab essential by The Gut Lab

1 tsp of lucuma lab essential by The Gut Lab

1 -2 tsps cosmic hot cacao by The Gut Lab 

2 tsps coconut oil or coconut butter

1/2 tsp of her potion by The Gut Lab,

true cinnamon to sprinkle on top

raw honey (optional) to taste


1.warm your herbal infusion on the stove top (if using a vitamix, or espresso steamer add all your ingredients at the start)

2. if using the stove top, then whisk in remaining ingredients (except honey!)

3. remove from the heat, pour into your most sacred mug, add honey if desired + sprinkle with cinnamon.

4. sip, empower, know your worth, embrace your divinity.




dear universe, may women everywhere be celebrated today + every day.

the sacred feminine in us honours the sacred feminine in you.