blue majik pudding


jamie is known to makes everything look and taste amazing. a commercial designer by trade, she's a genius in the kitchen. here she has shared a recipe for a delcious pudding, to be shared with waffled or pancakes on a saturday morning, or on it's own as a special snack.


blue majik pudding  

recipe by: Jamie Owen

serves: 1


1/2 -1 whole avocado depending on your mood ;)

1/4 c white* chia seeds soaked over night in 1/2 c water - white is key for bright blue colour obvi!

2 tbsp cacao butter

1 tbsp lucuma lab essentials by The Gut Lab

1 tbsp mesquite lab essentials by The Gut Lab

1 tsp glow potion by The Gut Lab

1 tsp vanilla

two scoops of E3 Live Blue Majik

honey to sweeten

a bit of nut mylk if it’s too thick!


1) melt cacao butter in a pan on low heat

2) place all ingredients in a bowl (minus cacao butter) and blend away! Add cacao butter after

everything else is mixed and blend too.

3) add a bit of nut milk if it’s getting too thick and hard to blend

4) pour!

The Gut Lab