sunshine elixir

super antioxidant + anti-inflammatory + oh so energy + vibrancy filled. not to mention filled with vitamins + minerals iron, zinc, vit B3, calcium, magnesium + potassium (to name a few!). wrap yourself up in this deeply warm golden hug + bring the sunshine with you wherever you may go! - pre-run, post-run, after yoga, before bed, while you wait for Santa this holiday season.

we crafted this in the kitchen with our friends at Lululemon for a special holiday segment, Breathe It All In.

sunshine elixir

{vegan + refined sugar / gluten / grain free}

recipe by: The Gut Lab


1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond mylk (or milk alternative of choice)

2 tsps sunshine potion by The Gut Lab

1/4 tsp immunity potion by The Gut Lab

1/4 tsp reishi lab essential by The Gut Lab 

1-2 tsps raw honey


1. pour milk into a sauce pan + bring to medium heat

2. whisk in potions + reishi until hot + frothy

3. remove from heat, pour into a beautiful mug + stir in honey to taste

4. sip, be cozy + repeat often.