(naughty) cosmic peppermint hot cacao


{naughty} cosmic peppermint hot cacao {adult version!}

by: The Gut Lab

gluten+ refined sugar free + vegan

serves: 4


4 cups unsweetened vanilla almond mylk (sub: any milk alternative/home made original eggnog - see recipe below!)

6 Tbsps cosmic hot cacao* (more if you like it uber chocolatey!)

2tsps pure organic vanilla extract

2oz white rum (okay, being modest here)

1/2 - 1 tsp peppermint extract (how minty fresh do you like it?)

2 tsps raw honey (add once removed from heat)

option: top with coconut whipped cream!

tip: leave out the rum for a family friendly version. on second thought, just add it after you've served the kiddos.

*by The Gut Lab


1. whisk all ingredients together (except honey) on the stove top until hot + frothy.

2. remove from heat + add honey to taste. serve with loved ones.

3. repeat.