matcha + papaya smoothie bowl

yes- we know, we know it’s the dead of winter. but hear us out!

imagine yourself after a nice long work out, when you’re all hot + sweaty. 

then all you have to do is close your eyes while you slurp on this energizing bowl of goodness + you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise. 


okay, probably not.

but it’s full of antioxidants, good fats, proteins, vitamins + minerals so you can refuel yourself in the best kind of way.

a close second, ya?

matcha + papaya smoothie bowl

vegan + refined sugar / gluten / grain free

recipe by: The Gut Lab


(nothing frozen please!)

3-4 Tbsp matcha + tocos by The Gut Lab

1 cup ripe papaya (room temperature)

1/4 ripe avocado

1 small ripe banana (room temperature)

1/4 cup organic milk kefir or coconut yogurt

1 Tbsp plain hemp protein powder

1 tsp glow potion by The Gut Lab

1 tsp green 6 potion by The Gut Lab

1/2 tsp chia seeds

3/4-1 cup almond/cashew/coconut mylk

toppers: sliced banana, papaya, coconut, cacao nibs, bee pollen, nuts, seeds, goji berries etc!


1. add all ingredients to a high speed blender, should be thick - add a little more mylk if desired.

2. pour into a bowl + add your yummy toppers to serve!