7:00 PM19:00

Workshop: What Effect Your Lifestyle Has on Your Gut + How You Can Improve It at The Light Cellar

Tickets: https://lightcellar.ca/collections/in-person-classes-events/products/love-your-guts-a-foundation-class

Workshop: What Effect Your Lifestyle Has on Your Gut + How You Can Improve It

Join Lexi + Danica  from The Gut Lab to discover what effect your lifestyle has on your gut, why it's important, + how superfoods can help support your most vibrant life! 

Come love your guts with an informative session, complete with several delicious elixir samples + ideas on how to make these drinks at home. 

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6:30 PM18:30

Workshop: Stress + Your Gut at Blush Lane Marda Loop

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/stress-your-gut-tickets-71380385655

Workshop: Stress + Your Gut

Join Lexi + Danica from The Gut Lab to learn about how stress affects the health of your gut + vice versa! Discover simple + effective tools to simplify your life, mitigate stress + optimize your gut health!

Space is limited and registration is necessary. The cost is $10, which will be reimbursed as a $10 Blush Lane coupon.

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7:00 PM19:00

Workshop Guest: The Skin-Gut Connection at Dr Lynne Murfin's Sanctuary Space

  • Sanctuary Space at Dr Lynne Murfin's Clinic (map)
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tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-skin-gut-connection-tickets-70952852893

Healthy skin starts in the gut. Many of us can agree that beauty is an inside job, but what does this really mean and how do we optimize our skin health via the gut?

Gut health is fundamental for nourishing the body and optimizing skin health. It produces beautiful skin by balancing hormones, preventing inflammation, absorbing essential fatty acids and and creating bioavailable nutrition ( aka SKIN FOOD) to the skin and body.

SO...what happens when the gut is not functioning at an optimal level, when the microbiome is out of balance, and digestion is challenged? It shows up on our skin and creates a cascade of symptoms in the body. You know this all too well if you have experienced fatigue, digestion challenges, brain fog, or perhaps it is now getting your attention as it is showing up on your face in the shape of wrinkles, blemishes, under eye bags, poor skin tone and hydration.

Join Dr. Michelle Van Der Westhuizen and Stacey Irvine, RN & Skin Therapist to learn more about the intricate and undeniable connection between your gut health and skin health. Together they will share current research and science to nourish and support a healthy gut from within, while helping you to recognize early signs and symptoms of inflammation, food sensitivity and dysbiosis.

While appreciating that healthy skin starts from within, the best skin comes from treating the INSIDE + OUTSIDE. Stacey will provide further information and tangible ideas to support the skin barrier topically. Skin nutrition, topical treatments and beauty rituals will be shared to reclaim your glow and actively improve the way you look and feel about aging.

BONUS: The founders of The Gut Lab, Dani + Lexi will also be joining us to nourish you with gut healing and skin boosting elixirs crafted locally with medicinal mushrooms and superfoods.

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5:45 PM17:45

Sunset Yoga + Sound Bath

Please join us for the second annual Sunset Charity Flow, in support of ASCEND, a charity founded in honour of Alex Schapp - to nurture the development of the local community through education and technology in Calgary.

This special evening, sponsored by Junction 9 Yoga and Pilates and The Gut Lab, will include yoga, sound bowls and meditation - led and guided by Melanie Emlyn, and Lexi Campbell.

We invite you to enjoy an elixir created by The Gut Lab afterwards.

Please be prepared to practice on the rooftop, weather permitting. Given the nature of the sound bowls, should it be windy, we will take this incredible class inside.

Thank you so much for supporting us, and this very beautiful charity. For more information, please ascendcharity.ca

To sign up please visit www.junction9.ca/workshops

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