content creators

calling all kitchen wizards, mushroom mavens, smoothie goddesses, health-focused athletic aficionados, green beauty babes, gut health advocates -  you get the picture!

through the online social media powers that be, our digital community + friendships have grown tremendously over the last few years. we feel lucky to have connected with many that are passionate, dedicated + determined to inspire positive changes in how they (+ those around them) live.


with this in mind, it is our desire to bring together this inter-woven world of content creators so that we may bring to light the established gut-mind academics, natural beauty insider secrets, inspiring lifestyle motives,+  straight up out-of-this-world recipe developments on our channels!


we are seeking individuals who are in alignment with The Gut Lab values + have a shared philosophy of life, healing, + food as medicine -

in exchange for The Gut Lab products, {to be used as inspiration, for recipe developments, or just tradesies for your time}, we want to collaborate + share YOUR creative knowledge. content creators can be based anywhere, it is our goal to work together to develop content from around the world.


please send two writing samples to with Content Creators in the subject title. we would love to see your sample writing, recipes + photographs (in alignment to current TGL imagery). upon review we will send a Content Creators Checklist, and if you agree to our publishing terms we will get this show on the road! 

can’t thank you enough for reading along this far. we truly appreciate your time, energy, + interest in what we are doing here at The Gut Lab.

dani + lexi

kitchen crafters

they say 3 is company, however we have to disagree.

this year we’re looking to spice things up in our kitchen with extra hands, company, + enthusiasm.

we are looking for several down-to-earth, driven, inspired crafters that feel like they are in need of two super focused, energetic, + detail orientated sisters in their lives. (we promise sisters are a good thing, just ask our brother kit).

a passion for wellness, eye for detail, + ability to work both independently as well as respectfully in a space with other health food businesses is a must.

with a very flexible work schedule {as in not every weekday, but as + when needed}, we are looking for support in our kitchen crafting potions so that we can bring The Gut Lab to the masses from our newly renovated Inglewood, Calgary space. openness to working the occasional festival + market is a bonus.

if you share the same philosophy for life, healing, + food as medicine we’d love to hear from you! please send your CV for consideration, with a few sentences about why you’d love to be part of our super sweet family to with Kitchen Crafters in the subject title.

please note, health practitioners, athletic teachers, + mamas at home in the Calgary area - please do apply! 

we can’t wait to meet you.

dani + lexi