supercharged wellness for the people, for the planet.

because we believe a better world for all, begins from within.

Love your guts™. 

we are The Gut Lab.

we're sisters. meet Danica + Lexi, the sister co-founders behind all the super things that love your guts.

a mama of 3. an MBA in environmental sustainability. a herbalist. a london fashion industry veteran. a reiki master. a reiki almost master. yoginis. marathon runners. mountain hikers. education junkies. world travelers. 

passionate about food as medicine, preventable health + our sweet, sweet community.

creating and sharing for decades together in their calgary family kitchen, the pair craft with the greatest ingredients - those that are always organic, safe, and highly effective. the pair believe we all have the power within us to heal ourselves, or maintain our optimal health in body, mind, and spirit - if only we get a little curious, have a little trust and patience, and are willing to make our great health a priority. Because if we don’t have our health, what do we have? 

thank you for sharing in this journey.